Why is STEM outreach needed?
According to the Department of Labor, over fifty percent of jobs created in the future will require a background in math, science and technology.  Currently, 8 of 10 most-wanted positions are in a STEM field and STEM careers fuel our local economy.  Inspiring and empowering students, especially underrepresented populations (including girls), to pursue STEM fields is a top priority.

How does Fusion Science Learning impact STEM learning?
The unique combination of science, teaching, investigation, and story increases children’s interest, confidence, and understanding in science.  The shows are more than just demo shows as they not only teach science concepts, but also increase children’s desire to learn and confidence in learning science.   Learn How We Do It in the attached document.

What do people say about FSL shows? 

“A huge thing I noticed [during the performances] was their behavior.[The students] were incredibly well behaved the entire time. They were focused. They asked great questions. The teacher said he’s never seen them like this before and he didn’t know it was possible.  I wish you could have seen how excited those kids were to make slime with the knowledge behind some of the chemistry.” (A professor using the FSL shows with inner city Boston kids)

How do Fusion Science Learning’s Shows align with current educational standards?

Common Core’s key objective is integrated learning, which is the hallmark of FSL’s STEAM techniques.  FSL’s approach is naturally engaging to students as it involves, problem-solving and learning through story.

Where are Fusion Science Learning’s Shows performed? 

FSL shows are performed at Science Centers, museums, colleges and universities, malls, libraries, and K6 classrooms across the United States. Visit Scripts and Shows for more information.