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Brava Magazine – August 2009


“I don’t know if what you teach is as important as learning how to put yourself at the service of your students’ learning. This is the holy grail of teaching.” – Holly Walter Kerby

Holly Walter Kerby was interviewed in the August 2009 edition of Brava Magazine. You can read the entire article by downloading the PDF.

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International Museum Theatre Alliance – Fall 2010insights

Fusion Science Theater was featured in the Fall 2010 edition of International Museum Theatre Alliance.

“But it was the success of our second show, The Boiling Point that impelled us to seek a student group to meet the demand for performances. The Boiling Point was our first Science Investigation Show, a model that employs the dramatic structure of a play to teach science.”

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Connect – March/April 2011



“We founded Fusion Science Theater in 2006. Holly was an instructor of chemistry and playwriting at Madison College, a two-year institution in Madison, WI. Marcy was an actor, artistic director of a community theater company…” Download PDF

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Chemical & Engineering News


“To evaluate in real time, the people who run Fusion Science Theater incorporate audience surveys right into their performance. The program draws from the playwright’s bag of tricks – theme, character, and dramatic question – to emphasize discovery and downplay the “whiz-bang” aspect common to many staged chemistry demonstrations, the creators say.”  To read the article, please visit this site.

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in Chemistry


“Science learning can be fun, but creating that educational experience is far from easy! Fusion Science Theater (FST) is one approach to creating science demo shows that entertain and
teach. FST is a nonprofit group of science educators,
outreach professionals, and others collaborating to
make science more engaging, educational, and inspiring.”     Download PDF

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Wisconsin Week


“Molecules, any chemist will tell you, have lots to teach us. Giving voice to the lessons of molecules and other props of science, as the lamentable state of science literacy in the United States attest, is no easy task. But a novel project by a collaboration of scientists and educators from UW-Madison and the Madison Area Technical college (MATC) is making molecules and atoms the stars of a project to use theater to teach children the basics of science.” Download PDF

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Journal of Chemical Education

“Demonstration shows are a popular form of chemical education outreach used to increase interest, engagement, and appreciation of chemistry. Although practitioners often include instructional elements, evaluation has been limited to children’s attitudes toward science rather than their understanding of the underlying concepts presented.”  Download PDF

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Wooster Magazine

“The beaming six-year-old wears a large blue “O” on her chest. She holds two cardboard blue “Hs” over her head and dances to the accelerating pace of a Strauss waltz, and then to the frenzied tempo of the “Can-Can.” But stop! Use your imagination. This is not really a child whirling around, but a water molecule, picking up kinetic energy until it reaches the boiling point.”

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Audio about Fusion Science Theater

  • WORT 89.9FM. Jonathan Zarov, host of the 8 O’Clock Buzz, interviews Christopher Babiarz and Holly Walter Kerby on April 18, 2008. Listen here.